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Accounts Payable & Receivables

Accounts Payable

We support in creating vendor database, managing bill desk, setting up invoice processing process, verifying and processing payment and updating the completed transactions in the database and accounting package.

Accounts Receivable

We maintain your customer database; compile, verify and process your sales invoices; establish follow up procedure for outstanding receivables; prepare outstanding statement for review by your management and, maintain and update transactions in accounting package.

Employee Reimbursements

We enable processing of employee reimbursements by receiving, compiling, verifying and processing claims from employees; advising and setting up policy and procedure; preparing payment listing for review by management; remitting to employees upon approval from management and, maintaining and updating transactions in accounting package.

Regulatory & Legal Compliance

We help our clients to meet the regulatory compliance by helping with application, liaison and seeking registrations from requisite regulatory authorities; advising and managing adherence of compliance across company law, direct tax, indirect tax, RBI, SEBI, exports and, employee and labor related constituents.

Fixed Assets-Management & Verification

We enable you manage your fixed assets by establishing regulatory required record keeping; easy identification for cost center allocation; carrying out periodic verification and receive certification; recognition of obsolescence, depletion and depreciation and, ascertaining maintenance adherence. We can support the client in verification of assets and coding of assets in accordance to the fixed asset register.


We can help in periodic business-related reconciliations which are related to inter company, customers, vendors and bankers.

General Ledger

We can help the client in updating transactions in accounting package being client specific across all leading commonly used ERP’s and standalone software. .

Supply Chain Management

Our team of supply chain management experts starts with a comprehensive assessment of your supply chain, assimilates your business priorities, and then develops robust supply chain strategies capable of adapting to changing business needs.

Warehouse Management System

We can help you in designing and setting up new warehouses, inventory planning and management, identifying the right warehouse management system and implementation of WMS.

SOPs & Audit

Setting up business process and ensuring adherence to policies through audits and verification processes.

Statutory Reporting and Support

We can support in preparation of statutory reports, returns and financial statements. We can help the client in coordinating statutory audit completion.

Talent Acquisition & other HR Related Services

We support in recruiting highly talented professionals through proper screening process..