About us

Expert advise from a reliable and experienced consulting firm can be of great value.

Our mission

Our Mission is to guide companies through the process of strategic change.

Our Vision

We aim to constantly increase the value of our firm and portfolio of our large client groups by exceeding their level of expectations and achieving operating excellence in every single segment that we serve.

About us

Backforce Consulting Private Limited is a Global strategy consulting firm having dedicated service consultants serving all major area of business. Experience of over three decades in various industry segments, strengthens us to provide professional client centric solutions.

At Backforce, we are committed to delivering value to our clients and ensuring long-term success. We rightly understand that every office and business scenario is diverse and may include a unique challenge. Hence, one of the major advantages of our services is that they are easily scalable to your business. We provide you with comprehensive business solutions that will help you achieve the desired quality at a cost that will benefit your business.